Are you looking at having a step fitted at your home? Cherwell Drives and Patios are experts at installing all types of steps. From paving steps to brick steps, slabbed steps, concrete steps and more.

All our work is fully guaranteed. We always build our steps to regulations to make sure that not only are they beautiful but that they are 100% functional and long lasting.


Adding a step to your house can make it a lot easier for people to step in and out of their house. We can install steps to the rear of a house or front. If you have a drop off outside your door, we recommend installing a step.

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We can design and install multiple styles of steps, making sure they blend in with the driveway or patio. We can help advise you on the best choice, which surface is best for a step and what type of shape would suit you house.

Give the experts a call now at Cherwell Drives for a free consultation over your step requirements in Oxfordshire. If you want to see more paving features, head over to the paving features page and see what we can do for you today!