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Paving Contractors Daventry

Paving Contractors Daventry

We offer an unbeatable block paving service to customers looking to replace their driveway or patio. Our trained paving contractors in Daventry can lay down all types of block paving on driveways, patio and garden areas at very affordable rates. With a range of custom design choices, colours and laying patterns available to choose from.

Block paving is the most popular option for laying a new driveway or patio. It provides outstanding value on durability and function allowing it to be used as easy on small pathways to large open driveway areas. Call our team at Cherwell Drives and Patios if you need block paving in Daventry. We can lay everything from driveway paving to garden paving. You can see more of the laying styles here.


We source our block paving from approved paving manufacturers like Marshalls Paving to ensure that any driveway built by Cherwell Drives is going to be not only laid right but will be strong for many years to come. It is available in a range of styles depending on the style you want laid. Here are some of the most common styles available for driveway paving in Daventry.

Standard Block Paving

Standard block paving is laid using a herringbone pattern to ensure the block paving interlocks correctly with the kiln dried sand when it is compacted. It has two grooves on either side of it that ensures a correct space and allows the interlocking.

Tegula Paving

Tegula is laid using 1 to 3 sizes depending on what type of finish you would like for your driveway. For the full effect, we recommend using 3 different sizes which creates a more traditional feel to the driveway or you can opt for one size, preferably large, to lay a more contemporary style of a driveway.

Permeable Paving

This is used on driveways that will be having difficulties with flooding or water coming onto the driveway. Laid either as Tegula or laid as standard block paving, the only different is the grooves on the side of the block paving is more pronounced to allow faster water penetration. It is locked in place using a fine grit instead of kiln dried sand which would wash away if it was used with a driveway that floods.

Get experienced paving contractors in Banbury today to lay down a new driveway, patio or garden for you. Unbeatable prices. Call Cherwell Drives and Patios to schedule your FREE quote.