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Stopping Moss and Algae Leaking From Your Roof

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Here is a question that a lot of consumers ask us. What is the story with the moss and algae that can go grow on their driveway or patio… Well, truthfully, it can originate from a few different places.

Moss and algae generally starts to build up on areas that have either constant exposure to moisture (water), not much sun and is left stagnating. How quick that becomes a problem is down to a couple of things.

Find The Problem With The Roof

The first part is if it is down to water not moving correctly off your driveway or patio, this can start a slow build up which means after a few months, you will start to see a trail of moss / algae building up as the water as the water keeps traveling the same route again and again.

The second part of it is when that water is coming directly off your roof. This means maybe you have a guttering down pipe either overflowing or it is running directly onto your surface to clear away. This is probably the worst case scenario as that type of water already has a lot of algae and moss in it.

This means it will start to streak and build up very fast. Generally within a week!

The Solution To The Problem

Now lets handle each part to show you how to get to grips with it. You can read about roofing styles and types here.

If it is the first case, then the level of the driveway or patio needs to be either adjusted in that area ensuring the water moves faster or a drain needs to be relocated closer to that area to drain that water away.

The second case, will involve using a guttering or roofing contractor. As driveway installers, we like to keep our feet on the floor (so does our insurance company!), this means you need a roofer. Now if the downpipe and your guttering is working correctly, we can from the ground, put in a new drainage system at the base to carry away that water.

However, if the guttering system is overflowing, this will cause the water to spill down on your driveway. This water will be heavily stained as its built up with algae and moss which in turn will start to propagate over the driveway very fast.

Do You Need A Roofer?

If the latter part is the case, get a local professional such as TC Roofers – Roofing Contractors in Dublin that can handle it for you fast and professionally. They can climb up, clean the guttering, fix it if required and make sure you have nothing serious happening on the roof such as a leak or loose tiles.

Personally speaking, if you have had such a case, I would consider getting a quote for having the roof cleaned as generally it will have built up significant algae and moss at that stage.

We hope this guide has helped you and if you need more information about guttering, we recommend visiting this guide for different types of guttering for a bigger breakdown of guttering, soffits and fascia.