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Common Driveway Styles in Daventry

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Not sure about what type of driveway to have installed at your home in Daventry? Here is a look at some of the most common styles of driveways that are being laid regularly throughout the Daventry area. If you need advice on picking a driveway style or would like a free quote from a driveway and patio contractor in Daventry, we would love to hear from you. Free quotes, unbeatable prices.


Block paving is the most common choice for driveways in Daventry. With a range of colouring styles, textures and design choices when block paving is laid combined with the value for money, it is not very surprising. It can laid to suit both contemporary and traditional style houses. You can visit our block paving services here to see what type of block paving we can lay including accessories.


Tarmac and asphalt driveways are the 2nd most common choice for a driveway in Daventry. With choices between red and black tarmac, different finish styles from hard wearing course of 40mm to fine finishes of 6mm – 10mm asphalt. Find out more about our tarmac services in Daventry here where you can see the wide range of surfacing options available.


Gravel driveways are becoming more popular in Daventry with options suiting customers on colours and finishing styles. We recommend opting for a bordered finish which we can set in concrete as it will help to contain the gravel on your driveway. To create a really bespoke gravel driveway, put in a paved apron at the start. See more of our gravel services in Daventry here.