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Complete Garden Transformation in Banbury

Here are some before, during and after photos of a total garden transformation, completed by Cherwell Drives and Patios in Banbury. This job included the installation of a new Indian Sandstone patio, new gravel footpath with paved edgings, new functioning centerpiece fountain, outdoor lighting and bark area around the playhouse.

First we dug out the area around the playhouse. We used the existing kerbing, and laid a weed protective membrane following this outline. This will prevent weed growth from sprouting in here. We topped it with a thick layer of decorative bark, that is pleasing to the eye and softens the footsteps of running children.

Then we dug out the area for the footpath and laid a new foundation down. We set the paved edgings in concrete, so they will not move anywhere over time. As a centerpiece, we installed new beautiful fountain in the middle of the footpath. Having a little water oasis in the middle of the city, attracts birds, butterflies and other pollinators, that are crucial for our environment.

Next step was to install the new patio. Once again we started by clearing the area and laying down a new hardcore foundation, this time with a concrete base. We laid the patio with Grey Indian Sandstone slabs in various sizes for an irregular, eye catching look. Once finished, the whole area was grouted for extra durability.

As a final step we installed new outdoor lighting to make the moving around the garden at nighttime as safe as possible.

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